Thank you Tina! You helped me so much. I came in with no knowledge of bankruptcy. My car was repossessed the day before I actually filed and one week later I was driving off the car lot with a better car with no money down before receiving my discharge papers. At my bankruptcy hearing Tina was there on time and able to give me a briefing on some questions I may face. After receiving my discharge papers I applied for my very first credit card and got approved. I have debts with the Illinois tollway and they were not dischargeable. Tina is currently working to get me on a payment plan to get that debt eliminated! Again, thank you! I would recommend you to the world!

- Britteny


I reached out to Attorney Tina Tran in regards to old credit card debt accrued during college which saw all my accounts frozen. Attorney Tina Tran was extremely knowledgeable and helped me through the process of how to resolve the issue. After two court cases, she was able to help me unfreeze my accounts and have access to my funds. I would highly recommend Attorney Tina Tran for any debt related court issues.

- Hac


Tina Tran was my attorney for Chapter 7 bankruptcy she did an outstanding job and everything went exactly like she said it would, she was very professional and very affordable and I definitely would recommend her services.

- Richard


This was my first time filing bankruptcy and Tina Tran was very helpful and honest, even when I didn't understand she was very patient. I was happy to have her as my attorney.

- Cynthia


I recently had the opportunity to hire Tina Tran as my attorney in a chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding. I found Tina to be knowledge, timely and professionally courteous. Tina clearly explained what documentation was needed, what appearances were required and what associated costs I would incur. There were no surprises. Additionally, I found Tina to be affordable.

- Gregory


The first time I meet Tina was when I need help to get out of debt. Tina was up front with everything and helped me a lot and she is affordable. Was happy to have her as my attorney. I will recommended Tina to all my friends and co-worker that need help.

- Cherrice


This was my first time filing bankruptcy and I shopped around to a few places and I felt like they were trying to take advantage of me with their prices. Someone recommend Tina Tran to me and I am happy that I met her. not only was it affordable but The whole chapter 7 process was quick and painless with her. She was very professional and kept constant communication with me. If I didn't understand something she explained it to me and made me feel I made the right decision. I have recommended her to a few of my friends and strongly recommended her services.

- Jabre